Austrian Muesli (22oz/624 g) - Maria Treben's Authentic™

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Maria Treben's Authentic Austrian Muesli Muesli’s origin has been credited to the Swiss, in particular to Dr. Maxmilian Bircher-Benner, the founder of the world famous Bircher-Benner. His discovery soon spread throughout the countries of Central Europe. Having many mentors such as Dr. Bircher-Benner go before her, it was natural for her to see the value of recommending this highly nutritious whole grain cereal to her followers.Her philosophy was always that the body will heal itself if we allow it to, and especially by feeding it the natural foods of Mother Earth. Muesli was one such food. Maria’s Austrian version is practically the same as the Swiss muesli depending on the local traditions of her country. We have maintained her legacy by enhancing her Austrian muesli recipe to include several nutrient-dense, raw superfood ingredients, that we’re sure will please your taste buds as well.The Austrians have a unique way of preparing their morning muesli. They soak it with water or milk for 30 minutes or even overnight in the fridge. This softens the grains and rehydrates the dried fruit, which makes it easier to eat and digest.Then, they add yogurt and fresh fruit.What a breakfast! In the winter, you can warm it up as porridge. You’ll hardly able to wait to get up in the morning!

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