Swedish Bitters, “Maria's Long Life Elixir”

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Swedish Bitters, “Maria's Long Life Elixir”

Maria Treben is known for one recipe above all others – her Swedish Bitters. People from around the world have written to Maria, extolling the virtues of her Swedish Bitters recipe. It has been used to cure everything from fatigue, to scarring, to serious infections. But the fact is that Maria Treben is not the person who invented Swedish Bitters. She was, however, the one who rekindled the world's love of this miracle elixir, and she was the one who sparked an international herbalism sensation.


What Is Swedish Bitters?

Swedish Bitters is an herbalist recipe that does a multitude of things. It energizes the body but also soothes the mind, bringing a person's emotional state into balance. It's best known for its cleansing properties, and is a very powerful blood purifier. As a digestive aid, Swedish Bitters has been proven to easy digestive problems while also being proven to have remarkable healing properties for the stomach, liver, and digestive tract. When you take Swedish Bitters daily, you will also experience an immune system boost. Many have also mentioned that it also helps regulate the nervous system, even during times of extreme duress.

Swedish Bitters is made out of 11 ingredients, and it's an all-natural herbal remedy for almost every problem. It is made out of herbs like camphor, aloe, myrrh, and manna, all of which are known to have curative properties. Most of the time, Swedish Bitters are made by infusing the herbs in alcohol. However, there are alcohol-free versions of Swedish Bitters out on the market.

In terms of taste, Swedish Bitters is a recipe that tastes like what the name suggests. It is a slightly bitter substance, but it's one that many people quickly develop an acquired taste for. If you are not keen on a bitter taste, it's possible to dilute the mixture with water or herbal tea in order to make it more palatable.


How Old Is The Swedish Bitters Recipe?

The original recipe for Swedish Bitters can be traced back to the 1500's, where a Swiss doctor by the name of Phillipus Paracelsus invented a rudimentary form of Swedish Bitters consisting of 11 herbal ingredients. The discovery of this elixir spread like wildfire throughout Europe. It slowly faded from prominence, but the lost knowledge didn't stay lost for long.

Perhaps the best example of how greatly Swedish Bitters can improve health can be seen with Dr. Claus Samst of Sweden. Dr. Samst was the one who brought Swedish Bitters back into the eye of the public in the mid to late 1800's, and it was Dr. Samst himself who was the best example of why this panacea is truly a natual wonder. He lived to be 104, and only died due to a riding accident!

Maria Treben, who was born near the turn of the century, was a young woman who benefit greatly from Swedish Bitters. The recipe was given to her by an old woman who learned of the elixir thanks to Dr. Samst. Because of her incredible success with the many uses of Swedish Bitters, it became Maria's goal to bring herbalism, along with this natural remedy to the world. And, she did just that by authoring “Health Through God's Pharmacy,” an international bestseller which has almost 9 million copies sold.


Why Trust Maria's Long Life Elixir?

The reason why you should place trust in Swedish Bitters is very simple – because it works. The proof of its effectiveness can be seen in every letter that was sent to Treben thanking her for the recipe, and every person who attended conventions just to hear the famous herbalist speak. Proponents of Swedish Bitters, such as Treben and Samst, lived into their 90's and 100's. If the remedy was at all toxic, the biggest promoters of the recipe would not have lived as long lives; they practiced what they preached. Of course, the best way to find out why so many have used Swedish Bitters is to find out for yourself.

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