Coltsfoot (Tussilago farfara) 2oz/59ml Herbal Extract / Tincture - Maria Treben's Authentic™ Featured Herb

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When our meadows and hills show no sign of spring and the eye just barely notices the swelling of the willow-catkins, the Coltsfoot is the first to appear, sending forth its stalk with the yellow flower. Wet ground, embankments, wasteland and gravel-pits are covered with blankets of Coltsfoot flowers, which appear long before the leaves. Coltsfoot grows especially well on clay soil. Bees and insects visit it to get their first nectar. These are the first flowers that can be gathered to lay in stock for the coming winter.




Infusion: A heaped teaspoon of flowers (later equal parts of flowers and leaves) per 1/4 litre boiling water, infuse for a short time.


Poultice: Fresh leaves are crushed and applied.


Inhalation: A heaped tablespoon of flowers and leaves, infuse and inhale the steam under a towel. Repeat several times a day.


Foot bath: A heaped double handful of leaves is infused in the appropriate amount of water for a short time; bathe for 20 minutes.


Fresh juice: Washed fresh leaves are put in a juice extractor.


Syrup and infusion for cough and hoarseness: Refer to part in above text.

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