Cowslip (Primula officinalis) 4oz/118ml Herbal Extract / Tincture - Maria Treben's Authentic™ Featured Herb

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The golden yellow blossoms of this variety of Cowslip have an honey-like, agreeable fragrance and, forming an umbel on a long stalk, rise out of the centre of a rosette of leaves. It is found mostly on mountain slopes and pastures. The "tall Cowslip" (Primula elatior), which is found abundantly in the countryside, carries on its long stem light yellow flowers with only a light fragrance. The third variety Auriculus (Primula auricula) is a frequent garden plant in Great Britain, though native to the Alps, where it is protected. Cowslip wine A 2 litre bottle is loosely filled with fresh flowers of Cowslip (whole umbels) and pure white wine is poured over it. The flowers have to be covered. The bottle is kept, loosely stoppered, in the sun for 14 days.




Infusion: 1 heaped teaspoon to 1/4 litre boiling water, infuse for a short time.


Cowslip wine: Preparation and use as in text above.


Tea for insomnia: As in text above.


Spring tea (blood purifying): Mixture and use as in text above.

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