Elderberry (Sambucus nigra) 1lb/454g BULK Herbal Tea - Maria Treben's Authentic™ Herbs of the World

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Latin (botanical) name: Sambucus nigra


Common names: Black Elder, Black-Berried Elder, Pipe Tree, Common Elder, Bore Tree, Boor Tree, Ellhorn, Ellanwood


Plant Description: The Elder is common throughout most of Europe. It grows in hedgerows and woods throughout northern temperate regions, generally in moist, shady places and among underbrush. It is a shrubby tree, 10-30 feet high. The bark is light brown near the bottom of the stem, grayish higher up, and stippled with warts. The leaves are opposite and odd-pinnate, while the leaflets ovate, acuminate, finely serrated and dark green. In June and July, Black Elder grows cymes of white to yellow flowers which develop into berries that turn from green to red-brown to shiny black.


Use: Make a tea by pouring approximately 2 cups of boiling water over 2 heaped tsp of herb. Let steep for 3-5 minutes. In general, sip a cup before breakfast, and another 2 hours after dinner.


Cautions & Interactions: Keep out of reach of children.

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