Goldenseal (Hydrastis canadensis) 4oz/113g Herbal Tea - Maria Treben's Authentic™ Herbs of the World

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Latin (botanical) name: Hydrastis canadensis

Common names: Yellowroot, Yellow Puccoon, Orange-Root, Yellow Indian Paint, Turmeric Root, Indian Turmeric, Ohio Curcuma, Ground Raspberry, Eyeroot, Eyebalm, Yelloweye, Jaundice Root, Indian Dye

Plant Description: Goldenseal is a native forest plant found growing in patches in high, open woods and hillsides or bluffs. It can be found from western New England to Minnesota and western Ontario, and as far south as Georgia and Missouri. Goldenseal has a thick, bright yellow rootstock (hence the name), which is somewhat human shaped, and an erect hairy stem about 1 foot in height. Near the top, the stem branches out with one branch bearing a large leaf and another branch with a smaller leaf and a flower. The leaves have between five and nine lobes and grow to be 6-8 inches in diameter. The flowers, which bloom around April or May, are greenish-white. Not the most attractive flower in the forest, it has an unusual shape and a large, lumpy, berrylike head that looks a little like a raspberry. It ripens in the fall and turns a bright red. It contains 10-20 small, hard, shiny black seeds. The rootstock, collected in autumn after the seeds are ripe, and the leaves are used medicinally.
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