Horsetail (Equisetum arvense) 4oz/118ml Herbal Extract / Tincture - Maria Treben's Authentic™ Featured Herb

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In early spring the brown fertile stems with a terminal cone-like catkin containing the spores grow from the deep and creeping rhizomes. The green summer fronds grow later to a height of 40 cm. and resemble small, evenly built pine-trees. Horsetail grows in fields, on hedge banks and railway embankments. Depending on the place it grows it has 3 to 16% of silicic acid which makes it so valuable. Of course the Horsetail growing on chemically fertilized ground should not be used. The Horsetail with the finest branches, the Wood Horsetail (Equisetum sylvaticum) which grows on edges of woods and copses. For dandruff, the hair is washed with a decoction of Horsetail daily and then the scalp massaged with a good olive oil and the dandruff will soon clear up.




Infusion: 1/4 litre of boiling water is poured over 1 heaped teaspoon of Horsetail. Poultice: A heaped double handful of Horsetail is placed in a sieve, which is hung over boiling water. When the herbs are hot and soft, they are wrapped in a piece of linen and applied to the affected part. Keep absolutely warm!


Sitz bath: 100 gm. of Horsetail are steeped in cold water overnight, the next day brought to the boil and added to the bath water. 20 minutes are required for a bath. Don't dry yourself. still wet, wrap up in a bath robe, remain perspiring in bed for 1 hour.


Tincture: 10 gm. of fresh Horsetail are macerated in 50 gm. of pure whisky. Keep in the sun or a warm place for 14 days. Shake daily!


Pulp compress: Fresh Horsetail is washed well and crushed to pulp on a wooden board.

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