Sage (Salvia officinalis) 4oz/118ml Herbal Extract / Tincture - Maria Treben's Authentic™ Featured Herb

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Sage, the familiar plant of the kitchen garden, comes to us from southern Europe. It grows to a height of 70 cm. and its purplish flowers are set in whorls. The leaves set in pairs on the stem are greyish-green with a silvery sheen and wrinkled. They possess a somewhat bitter, aromatic scent. Sage should grow in a sunny but sheltered position in your garden. To protect it from the frost, I cover it with branches of fir. Another kind, the Meadow Sage (Salvia pratensis) grows on banks, in meadows and pastures. The leaves are gathered before the flowers open and at midday in bright sunshine, since the volatile oils of the plant are only fully developed in sunshine. The leaves are dried in the shade. Already among our forefathers it was a highly esteemed herb. A thirteenth century verse says: "Why should a man die, whilst Sage grows in his garden?"

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