Saw Palmetto (Sarenoa Serrulata) 4oz/113g Herbal Tea - Maria Treben's Authentic™ Herbs of the World

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Latin (botanical) name: Sarenoa Serrulata


Common names: Sabal, Sabal Serrulata


Plant Description: Saw Palmetto, native to Florida and surrounding areas of the United States, is a low-growing small palm tree with fanlike, fingery fronds and small berry-shaped fruits. This plant grows about 6-10 feet high and forms what is called the 'palmetto scrub.' Large leaves form a crown, and it bears deep reddish-brown oblong-ovoid fruit. The fruit is slightly wrinkled and contains one hard seed.


Use: Make a tea by pouring approximately 2 cups of boiling water over 2 heaped tsp of herb. Let steep for 3-5 minutes. In general, sip a cup before breakfast, and another 2 hours after dinner


Cautions & Interactions: Keep out of reach of children.

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