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Swedish Bitters is a 500 year old herbal created by Dr. Phillipus Paracelsus, a 16th century Swiss Physician.It is composed of 11 herbs ~ Aloe, Myrrh, Saffron, Senna leaves, Camphor, Rhubarb roots, Zedvoary roots, Manna, Theriac Venetian, Carline Thistle roots and Angelica roots in a base of water and alcohol. It got its name from Dr. Claus Samst, a Swedish Physician who lived in the 1800's. The recipe he used was found in his office desk drawer, after his untimely death at 104 of a horseback riding accident. All one needs to do is to put 2 drops of the Swedish Bitters Concentrate into a glass of water, and it is ready to use. This makes it very convenient for the traveler, as the bottle is only 30 ml. (1 oz.), yet is the equivalent of 700 ml. of reconstituted herbal recipe.

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