Who Is Maria Treben?

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Maria Treben is one of the most popular herbalists in Germany. Known for her natural herbal remedies for just about any sniffle, cough, or pain, Maria has gotten accolades for her book, “Health Through God's Pharmacy.” For many people who are fans of studying herbal remedies, learning more about the natural cures that are in almost everyone's kitchen, and simply browsing books filled with unusual tidbits of information, Maria Treben's encyclopedic knowledge is a god send. However, the wide array of remedies that Treben is known for isn't the only reason why she is so popular among European herbalists. 

One of the reasons that Maria Treben has gotten such a wide acceptance from her audience is because of her philosophy on herbalism. For Treben, herbalism was both a science and a way of life. Teaching herbal remedies is something that she treasured, and it's apparent to anyone who listens to her speeches that it was a core part of her work as an herbalist. Unlike many herbalists, who often may sound condescending when talking about their remedies, Maria Treben believed that herbal remedies are best taught with understanding, patience, and the occasional anecdote. She also believed that there is a natural cure for just about every ailment, which is something that many, if not most, herbalists agree with. 

When it comes to the stories that she tells about her work as an herbalist, Maria Treben's passion for her work becomes clear as day. It was not uncommon to hear her talk about a patient who was desperate  for a cure for an illness, only to have one of her natural remedies do what science could not. Audiences from all over Europe packed convention centers in order to hear what Maria Treben has to say about illnesses of all sorts, and what her recipes can do to treat them. With a large portion of her followers, Treben doesn't only represent a fountain of knowledge that could potentially cure terrible disease; she represents hope. 

Of course, the stories are also backed up with thousands upon thousands of testimonials from those who have used her remedies successfully.  The testimonials continue to come in from every corner of Germany, as well as the rest of Europe. They come in the form of fan letters, video testimonials, and even word of mouth recommendations to friends and family. Anyone who has witnessed the often miraculous turnarounds that some of the patients have experienced understands why testimonials will continue to pour in from every corner of the world.

But, what makes Maria Treben and her recipes so unique? Why do her remedies work, while other remedies are such a gambit? The reason why so many people have Maria Treben's herbal remedies successfully is actually quite simple. While many herbalists use generalizations in order to “prescribe” a remedy, her recipes are just that – recipes. There is no guesswork in her recipes. Everything is clearly “spelled out,” measured out, and also written in a way that is very easy to understand. It's easy to see why, when compared to results of others' remedies, which often don't even tell how much of an ingredient is necessary in order to get results,  Maria's natural cures have a much higher success rate. 

Upon first glance, it would be easy to discount Maria Treben and natural remedies as a whole. However, as soon as people hear about some of the stunning testimonials, her unique philosophy on herbalism, and her incredibly successful track record, it's easy to see why Treben will be taking the natural health world by storm. It is because of the proof of her success in work that Maria Treben is the herbalist who converts skeptics to the world of natural remedies. 

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